MB6NG – DMR Mode

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DMR Mode

With our DMR mode you can access both BrandMeister Network  and the Phoenix Network. A full list of talk group for both networks are available. The Phoenix network can only be accessed by the use of their reflector system and you will need to place the number “8” in the front of your required reflector to change the reflector to the one you wish to use. This means you will need a 5 digit number to use this gateway on the Phoenix Network (8xxxx).  For example to access the South East of England (4491) you need to change the gateway to access it  from MB6NG by making a private call to 84491. To talk on that reflector you will need to have TG 8 programmed into you radio. Access to the Phoenix network is only available via TG 8 on the MB6NG Simplex DV Gateway.

Time Slot 1 – NOT ACTIVE Time Slot 2 – FULLY ACTIVE

Talk Groups on Time Slot 2 must be programmed into your radio’s code plug. All Talk Groups can be accessed through the gateway. Talk Group 9 is the minimum you need to access this gateway as you can access the reflectors by placing a private call to change the reflector you want to access.

TG 6 (XLX) can be changed around to other reflectors from time to time and you can request a reflector if you would like to by contacting me via the contact form.

TG 9 is for local use and the plan is to connect that to the BM EAST MIDLANDS talk group TG23590. This may change once testing is complete.

All other TALK GROUPS that are available on BrandMeister will be available if programmed into your radio.

BrandMeister Talk Groups

BM reflector access is going away but reflectors are listed until the change is complete. It is strongly recommend you program you radio with TALK GROUPS to maintain connectivity with your fellow Amateur Radio Operators.

Phoenix Reflector List

Remember to put the number 8 in the front of the reflector number you wish to use. eg 84491 when placing the private call and don’t forget to use TG 8 to access it.

Places of interest could include…

BrandMeister Talk Groups

TG 9 – Linked to East Midlands Cluster (recommended For Local Traffic)
TG 91 – World Wide
TG 92 – Europe
TG 93 – North America
TG 94 – Asia, Middle East
TG 95 – Australia, New Zealand
TG 235 – United Kingdom
TG 505 – Australia Wide
TG 530 – New Zealand Wide
TG 907 – JOTA
TG 913 – English World Wide
TG 918 – YOTA
TG 923 – Europe English
TG 973 – SOTA
TG 2350 – United Kingdom Wide (Reflector 4400)
TG 2354 – Ireland
TG 2355 – Scotland
TG 2357 – Wales
TG 3100 – America Wide
TG 9101 – Worldwide Maritime
TG 9102 – Worldwide Aviation
TG 23500 – S.W. United Kingdom
TG 23510 – S.E. United Kingdom
TG 23020 – N.W. United Kingdom
TG 31656 – America Link (Wires X bridge)
TG 31672 – Pi-Star Chat (Multi-Reflector using DMR, YSF, D-Star, NXDN and P25)
(Personal Favorite)

BrandMeister Reflectors

4400 UK National
4401 UK Chat 1
4402 UK Chat 2
4403 UK Chat 3 Also DMR +
4405 Scotland
4000 Unlink
5000 Status

Talk Groups and Reflectors on BrandMeister will remain active for 15 mins before timing out if not used. Reflectors on Phoenix will also remain active for 15 mins before timing out if not used.