High Powered HotSpot

I am currently collecting part to complete this project. Once i have everything needed for this project it will be completed and put on air. Until then a low powered hotspot will operate in its place. When it makes it to the on-air stage it will operate in a dual time slot/duplex format.

Items to be sources

UHF Radio (400-470 MHz) 2 One for Receive
One for Transmit
VHF Radio (136 – 150 MHz)
See MB6NG for Details
1 For Receive and Transmit as this will be a simplex gateway 1
MMDVM Radio Board
(RPi Board)
2 Interface between the Radio’s and the computer connected to the internet that has Multi-Mode capabilities 1
Raspberry Pi 3B+ 2 One RPi for VHF and One for UHF 1
Dual Band Antenna for 2m/70cm 1 Dual Band Antenna as both VHF and UHF will be on the same site
J-Pole for 2m 1 J-Pole for 2m VHF 1
RG-213 coax feed line 10m
To get the signal to and from the radio’s 1
VHF/UHF Splitter 1 To split the VHF and UHF signals at the repeater end of feed line 1
UHF Cavities 1 To join but keep the UHF signal from the Transmitter from desensitizing the receiver
Patch Lead RG-213 Feed Line 3 To connect the radio’s, cavities and splitter together for feeding to the antenna feed line and the antenna
13.8 V DC  25 Amps
Power or Battery Supply
1 To power the Radio’s and Raspberry Pi’s
DC-DC Converter (5V DC 3 Amp) 2 To convert power for the Raspberry Pi’s

This is a short list of items needed to complete this project. More items and information will be added as the project progresses. I will also include what I have done to get this project up and running.

The HotSpot will operate YSF (Yaesu Fusion) on 2m and DMR on 70cm. At this stage I have no plans for D-Star as there is a D-Star repeater in my local area.