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MB6NG – Update

Have ordered a TAIT TM8110 and TAIT programming cable for MB6NG and it they should arrive around Friday. Once they arrive, I need to source a power supply that will power MB6NG as the power supply I have I feel is a little too heavy with the electricity but may use it to start with. The antenna and coax I ordered at the beginning of November last year and is waiting to be installed.

Interesting Times

Having come back from holidays and the advent of COVID-19, I haven’t done much with Amateur Radio. I intend on getting MB6NG on air soon so watch for that. More information on MB6NG can be found here.

Will be ordering another radio to do this job as I have been told that the TAIT radio’s are a little more reliable than the Motorola radio I have. I will repurpose the Motorola for another project.

I did while on holidays fire up my Pi-Star hotspots and found that I had forgotten some of the operation procedures associated wit Pi-Star. Didn’t take long to work out what I needed to do to get going again.