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YSF Reflector and Interconnects for RayNet-UK

Over the past few weeks I managed to get myself appointed to sort out the Digital interconnects for the RayNet-UK DMR, D-Star and YSF(C4FM) connections.

First I was asked to sort the BrandMeister and Phoenix on Talk Group 23531. Once that was sorted I needed to get a link to D-Star up and running.

The next challenge was a YSF Reflector and a link back to the DMR side. I setup the YSF Reflector and had that working perfectly. Then started to work on the link to DMR.

That went smoothly too after I had sorted out the ports fir the networking side. I connected the DMR Link and the YSF Reflector together and then we had DMR, D-Star and YSF connection where any Amateur Radio Operator using on of the 3 modes could talk to each other as if the were on the same mode a the next operator.

This was a challenging project and I’m glad I have done it. It (the project), is not a thing that I would expect everybody to do but will assist anyone who asks for assistance to do a similar thing for their own situation.

Please use my contacts page if you would like help doing something similar.

Interesting Times

Having come back from holidays and the advent of COVID-19, I haven’t done much with Amateur Radio. I intend on getting MB6NG on air soon so watch for that. More information on MB6NG can be found here.

Will be ordering another radio to do this job as I have been told that the TAIT radio’s are a little more reliable than the Motorola radio I have. I will repurpose the Motorola for another project.

I did while on holidays fire up my Pi-Star hotspots and found that I had forgotten some of the operation procedures associated wit Pi-Star. Didn’t take long to work out what I needed to do to get going again.


I’m building a SUPERSPOT. This will be MMDVMHost based and will give me a dedicated process for each MMDVM board and mode I wish to use. I already have the MMDVM Boards for this project.

If you would like to build your own SUPERSPOT or just a hotspot of your own you can follow my instruction to achieve your goal. If you only have or only want to use one MMDVM board just follow the instructions by setting up ALL the modes you want for that board.

Duplex MMDVM Board Simplex MMDVM Board

Click here to find the SUPERSPOT BUILD details.

DV Hotspots – Rethink — Again

Yet another re-think about my hotspots. First I am building a portable SuperSpot which I am also creating build details that will be available for all once the build is complete. Once the build is complete I will work on how my other hotspots fit into my experience and what role in my Amateur Radio Experience they will play.

The SuperSpot will consist of one Raspberry Pi driving 3 or 4 MMDVM boards with one of those being a Duplex MMDVM board running DMR.