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Brandmeister UK

Due to the changes going on at Brandmeister UK, my Hotspots have been moved to Brandmeister Ireland. There is a ‘POLICE STATE’ mentality that has crept it’s way into Brandmeister UK and I won’t be a party to this behavour.

IF, thing change at Brandmeister UK, I would consider moving my hotspots back to the UK server but for now they will be staying on a server where everybody is welcome.

For those who are interested here is the region map for the UK as it now stands. Interesting that as big as they are, they can’t link direct to the page. I have add the correct link which you can access by clicking on the image below.

Interesting Times

Having come back from holidays and the advent of COVID-19, I haven’t done much with Amateur Radio. I intend on getting MB6NG on air soon so watch for that. More information on MB6NG can be found here.

Will be ordering another radio to do this job as I have been told that the TAIT radio’s are a little more reliable than the Motorola radio I have. I will repurpose the Motorola for another project.

I did while on holidays fire up my Pi-Star hotspots and found that I had forgotten some of the operation procedures associated wit Pi-Star. Didn’t take long to work out what I needed to do to get going again.

DV Hotspots – Rethink — Again

Yet another re-think about my hotspots. First I am building a portable SuperSpot which I am also creating build details that will be available for all once the build is complete. Once the build is complete I will work on how my other hotspots fit into my experience and what role in my Amateur Radio Experience they will play.

The SuperSpot will consist of one Raspberry Pi driving 3 or 4 MMDVM boards with one of those being a Duplex MMDVM board running DMR.