Tytera/TYT MD-380 -Retevis RT-3

Tytera MD-380 Retevis RT-3

A selection of links that provide support items for the TYT MD-380 / Retevis RT3.

This site has a comprehensive selection of programming and firmware downloads as well as a number of items relating to experimental firmware: –


This site also has programming and firmware downloads with the addition of regular updates to the experimental firmware which is easier to grab than using the Git repository: –

DMR at Foxhollow

Yahoo Groups for general support and a section for downloads: –

TYT User Group 

If you are up for a challenge here is the git repository with the experimental firmware for the TYT.

Here is a link to the software repository: –

GitHub – MD380 – Travis Goodspeed, KK4VCZ

Alternatively there is now a Windows installer version available that loads both the experimental firmware and the user database.  This is what is now running on my own MD-380. More information and a link to download the installer can be found here: –

DMR Track MD380 Tools

This, non official, site has a lot of information on what new features are available when you have loaded the new firmware as well as some different options for loading it to your radio: –

Or you can download the experimental firmware from these links :-

Compiled by PD0ZRY directly from the github repo on debian 8.1 (Jessie) every hour a new version is committed.

View his repo here

GPS-Version Non-GPS Version