D-Star – Reflectors

Here is some information about what D-Star Reflectors are available to use with your D-Star radio. Some links below maybe out of date. I apologize for that.

Australian D-Star info & Reflectors www.dstar.org.au/about/reflectors

Australia XLX389 Dashboard www.xlxdmr.duckdns.org/db/

World REF Reflectors www.dstarinfo.com/reflectors.aspx

World DCS Reflectors www.xreflector.net/neu3

World X Reflector Directory www.xrefl.net

IRC Gateway Status (world) www.status.ircddb.net

Additional Notes:
DTMF command syntax is a leading
* for REF reflectors,
# for XRF reflectors, and
D for DCS reflectors.

Common DTMF commands

Disconnect = #
Status = 0
Disconnect CCS call routing = A
Reconnect to default connection = **