POCSAG via SDR + VB Cable + PDW

Using an SDR + VB Cable + PDW to Decode POCSAG Messages

If you have an SDR (software defined radio) you can use VB Cable (donationware) to send the SDR audio to PDW (POCSAG decoding freeware) to decode POCSAG messages.

In your SDR software select VB Cable as your audio output to send the SDR audio to VB Cable.

In PDW select “Interface” then “Setup” and click on “Soundcard”, Configuration: “Custom”, Sample Rate: “44100”, and Soundcard: “CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual)”. You normally don’t need to tweak any of the “Set-Custom” settings but adjusting them may help increase the decode percentage.

SDR + VB Cable Feeding PDW

Select Interface/Setup/Soundcard

We can set a filter in PDW to do certain things when a POCSAG message comes in that matches your RIC. The message will show in the lower filter window, an alert sound will play and we can even send an email.

My RIC Filter

Select Filters/Filter List/Add (Add is at the Filter window bottom left). This filter sends messages addressed to me to the lower PDW Filter Window and plays a sound to let me know I received a message. “Address” is your RIC code.

Source: Rob Robinette K9OJ