ADS-B Monitoring

As part of my radio and electronic’s experimentation and self learning, I have set up a ADS-B receiver to monitor aircraft activity in my area. You can find out more about ADS-B and how it works by going to Wikipedia.

I am currently feed this data to the following networks.

You can build your own system by going to the relevant web site (Above) and following their instructions to have your own receiver in your home. There is also a link to a list of today’s Aircraft Movements though my local area that you can view here and a list of the Freight Movements with are a regulate feature over our local skies here

I’m also looking at setting up a portable ADS-B Receiver to run on my Netbook for when I’m out and about.

Here are a few links to the ADS-B receiver I have a t the Local Aeropark where I volunteer.