NEW YEAR ON THE RHINE 2019-20 – Day 2

5 DAY Coach Tour

Day 2

“We’ll visit Cochem and Koblenz – one of the most beautiful and oldest towns in Germany. These two picture-perfect towns are surrounded by stunning natural beauty; Cochem is regarded as the most romantic part of the Moselle Valley, whilst Koblenz, a 2000 year old town, has an abundance of cultural monuments and historical buildings.”

Up at 0730hrs (UTC+1) and down for breakfast for 0800hrs (UTC+1). The coach arrived back at the hotel at 0915hrs (UTC+1). After we set off we managed to get about 1-2miles down the road to our first destination for the day and the inter-cooler on the coach blew something (unknown to me at the time of writing) and the coolant was ejected from the engine. It was decided rather than sit and wait, the passengers walk back to the hotel where is would be a lot warmer and there would be some activities for us to do. At approx 1300hrs we were advised that the coach would not be operating today. Dinner was set for 1830hrs (UTC+1) and further information would be given then. Our itinerary has now changed and we will be doing things in a different order and probably things that weren’t on the original itinerary. I will document each day as we go along.

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