NEW YEAR ON THE RHINE 2019-20 – Day 1

5 DAY Coach Tour

Day 1

“With comfort stops along the way, we’ll travel to our excellent hotel in Kamp Bornhofen – one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany.”

The day started at 0330hrs (UTC) at the depot of the Coach Company. We proceeded to pick up other passengers that were booked on the trip and then proceeded to a services near London where there was a crew change to the crew that would be taking us across the English Channel then though the the North-West of France into Belgium and then into Germany.  After several comfort stops (Required Break by Government Law) we arrived at the hotel at 2115hrs (UTC+1). Dinner was served and we all collected our luggage and then headed to our rooms. Breakfast was being served at 0800hrs (UTC+1)

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