Monthly Archives: June 2020

YSF Reflector and Interconnects for RayNet-UK

Over the past few weeks I managed to get myself appointed to sort out the Digital interconnects for the RayNet-UK DMR, D-Star and YSF(C4FM) connections.

First I was asked to sort the BrandMeister and Phoenix on Talk Group 23531. Once that was sorted I needed to get a link to D-Star up and running.

The next challenge was a YSF Reflector and a link back to the DMR side. I setup the YSF Reflector and had that working perfectly. Then started to work on the link to DMR.

That went smoothly too after I had sorted out the ports fir the networking side. I connected the DMR Link and the YSF Reflector together and then we had DMR, D-Star and YSF connection where any Amateur Radio Operator using on of the 3 modes could talk to each other as if the were on the same mode a the next operator.

This was a challenging project and I’m glad I have done it. It (the project), is not a thing that I would expect everybody to do but will assist anyone who asks for assistance to do a similar thing for their own situation.

Please use my contacts page if you would like help doing something similar.