Welcome to the M0GLJ website. Here you will find information about my Amateur Radio Station and the Activities I am involved with, and a small insight into the enjoyment that Amateur Radio can give those prepared to give the hobby a go.

Current Memberships

I am a fully member of the following Amateur Radio Associations or Club(s).

Radio Society of Great Britain


Amateur Radio Experience

I enjoy home brewing and find it a real challenge. Unlike previous versions of my website, I will only add home-brew projects that I try and use in the home-brew section of this website. I hope that you find this website and the hobby, interesting and enjoyable enough to give amateur radio a go.

My BIGGEST project to date would be Pi-Star in conjunction with Andy MW0MWZ. Check this project out here. The next biggest project is more of a personal one, the SUPERSPOT which you can find here.

I have completed an online coarse for IPv6.
You can too by visiting http://ipv6.he.net/certification/

IPv6 Certification Badge for m0glj