By | 14th February 2019

Recently acquired a MMDVM HS Dual. have set it up as my portable hotspot and I’m enjoying both Time Slots on DMR. The only downside if you want to call it that I now carry 2 DMR radios. So far the hotspot works very well both receive and transmit on both TS’s


By | 10th October 2018

After see a website, I have decided to investigate setting up an ACARS receiver at a later time. for more information on ACARS, see


By | 11th September 2018

I have recently downloaded Raspbian X86_64 to learn to program basic thing on a Raspberry Pi. I installed it on my NETBOOK in DUAL-BOOT mode only to learn very quickly that to use it as the main OS it was very restrictive for what I wanted to do that wasn’t  related to Raspberry Pi stuff… Read More »

New Website – Update

By | 3rd September 2018

Website complete. Now to work on the radio section of the system. My ADS-B receiver is working. The antenna is made and the feed coax of acquired. All I need to do now is run the coax and mount the antenna. Put the receiver in its final working position and then that job is complete.… Read More »

New WebSite

By | 26th August 2018

Well I have nearly completed the new website after a major technical issue.  There is still plenty to do so check the website regularly for more tips and articles that you might find interest and hopefully spark an interest to try. I also plan to recreate some of the posts from the old site as… Read More »