Holidays – Lanzarote – September 2019

Travelling to Lanzarote again staying at the same apartment block as my partner and I did in March 2018.

This stay will be from 1st to 12th September 2019 staying in Costa Teguise.

I will have with me my Pi-Star Hotspot and a DMR, D-Star and Fusion handheld radio. If you see this post before I have completed my holiday and would like to make a meet up or make contact while I’m on Lanzarote, please make contact with me via my Contact Me page.

A website I view regularly is for the airport webcam. I love to watch planes.


M0GLJ.UK Website

Well, after a false start to the rebuild of the website and finding that I didn’t have the backups I thought I had, the rebuild will be from memory and the original html code form 2016.

This will take a bit of time but will be worth the wait. Please be patient with me while I re-build the site.

Hucknall Rolls Royce Amateur Radio Club

I have decided not renew my membership to this club. My reason being they refuse to cater for those who work during the week and won’t put any activities on weekends.

Have asked and suggested many times over the past 3 year and have decided enough is enough.

If you are a club, you need to cater as best you can for the majority and put events and activities spread across the week and weekend. Not a few BIG mouths that think they own the club.


This decision is effective immediately


Recently acquired a MMDVM HS_HAT Dual and have set it up as my portable hotspot and I can now enjoying both Time Slots on DMR. The only downside is I now carry two DMR radios.

UPDATE: 17 March 2019

I have ordered a second board that will be used at home QTH.


I have recently downloaded Raspbian X86_64 to learn to program basic thing on a Raspberry Pi. I installed it on my NETBOOK in DUAL-BOOT mode only to learn very quickly that to use it as the main OS it was very restrictive for what I wanted to do that wasn’t  related to Raspberry Pi stuff and so looked for something similar.

I then Downloaded Ubuntu 19.04 and installed in Dual-Boot mode replacing the Raspian OS. Both Raspbian and Ubuntu are based on DEBIAN a leading Linux version.

If you would like to try it Raspbian, you can download it from the RASPBIAN website HERE

Or if you want to try Ununtu, you can download it HERE

New Website – Update

Website complete. Now to work on the radio section of the system.

My ADS-B receiver is working. The antenna is made and the feed coax of acquired. All I need to do now is run the coax and mount the antenna. Put the receiver in its final working position and then that job is complete.

The receiver is running on a RPi 3B+. The OS for it is Raspbian and the website where you can download you copy is HERE

I will get to the antenna etc after I take a well-earned break on a Greek Island with the XYL that she has organised. This will be the second holiday I have taken in approximately 5 years.

New WebSite

Well I have nearly completed the new website after a major technical issue.  There is still plenty to do so check the website regularly for more tips and articles that you might find interest and hopefully spark an interest to try.

I also plan to recreate some of the posts from the old site as i get time